There are Five Essential Elements to a Profitable Investment Portfolio

1. Valuation
Know what the Banks valuation is on your investment property.

2. Finance
Understand the Finance Structure you are entering into and how to make it benefit you.

3. Taxation
Understand the Tax Benefits and how to claim the maximum allowable deductions.

4. Rental Income
Understand how the rental market works and how to plan for long term income.

5. Professional Support
Have professional support network to cover, purchase, finance, tax and property management.

Rental Protection Policy

Rental income assured for the Life of Your Investment Property

With our Rent Protection Policy you are protected from day one when you purchase your investment property with Property 1.
No more doubt about getting paid as Property offers a Lifetime Rental Protection Policy, if your property is vacant for more than 2 weeks you receive the rent stated in your Rent Protection Policy.
Our Lifetime Protection Policy provides you with the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that your rental income will be paid should your tenant not pay their rent, or your property is untenanted.
Don't risk putting yourself through the financial stress of income loss if your tenant vacates.

The example below is Cash Flow Positive $29.00 per week - $1,503.00 Net Profit (after tax) in year 1.' Includes all income, expenses and tax refunds.

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