Garth Rothwell is your best source when it comes to property investing in Sydney


Sydney Property Investing exists to help those looking to invest in property in Sydney. Getting the right advice, maximizing your investment and minimizing your risk are all key to achieving success in real estate wealth creation.


You may have heard people talk about terms such as:

  • Negative gearing
  • Rental yield
  • Return on investment

and other investment terminology, but what does that mean with achieving your goals?  We aim to provide new investors and savvy property owners the best possible information available.


Sydney property Investing in property can allow everyday Australians to develop passive income through a real estate portfolio to secure long term wealth. Buying a rental property in Australia is the most commonly used way to invest for the future and can often be surprisingly affordable. The population growth that has occurred and is continuing to occur in Australia has caused consistent, rapid growth that has allowed residential properties in Australia to roughly double every 7 to 10 years.


Investing in houses whether it be in South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria or anywhere else around Australia has proven to be a smart investment strategy. Coupled with the opportunities provided by negative gearing with generous tax deductions, it is possible for average families to spend minimal amounts of their own money generating wealth. Sydney contains a variety of different suburbs for investors, from seaside localities like Bondi to growing suburban hubs such as Northern Sydney, as well as cities such as Penrith. Thankfully for NSW residents, Sydney has many suburbs in which there is expected to be consistent, high growth. Achieving a high rental yield, in an area that will experience population increase is key to putting you on a path to achieve financial freedom.